Admiral Blue Beard
Admiral Blue Beard
Admiral Blue Beard







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A fierce looking pyrate, Blue Beard is the leader of the privateers. His mold is shared only with ghoulugger and Lord Pyrate in the promotional movie.


Blue Beard was a member of the Lord Pyrate's crew twenty years before the war began, and told the rest of the crew to obey the Lord Pyrate's order and hide the treasure, and was locked in the brig by the first mate, who would become Dread Eye. While the rest of the crew was cursed and sent to the depths within just an hour after they locked him up, he was left to break out of the brig himself. The ship sunk while he took a boat and left. He kept the secret that he was a pyrate from everyone except his friend Scabby Buckbeard.

Now, he is the captain of Blubeard's Avenger. His ship was never released as a set, however, the late prototype is seen 40 seconds into the promotional movie. The Avenger is also on the map that came with the sets Maroon Gally, Coffer Trap, and Mutiny Isle. Some possible proof that it was never intended to be released may be the fact that Blue Beard himself already comes with Battle for Treasure Island. He appears to be part of the English Navy, as the English were famous for their red uniforms. This was for the Army, however, and he is part of the Navy. As the Navies of the period had no uniforms, he could be from any country. Blue Beard died in a duel with Captain Dread Eye, becoming Ghoulugger after falling victim to the hole that turns people into skeletons for energy.

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