Blackteeth attacks smuggler's fort

Blackteeth in boat

Blackteeth on smuggler's fort

Blackteeth on Smuggler's Fort

Blackteeth standing around

Blackteeth on Smuggler's Fort 2.0

Blackteeth to the rescue!

Blackteeth swinging on chain

Blackteeth's profile

Blackteeth next to cannon on Smuggler's Fort 2.0

Blackteeth McBaine is a Sea Marauder and personal friend of Captain Cutlass. He has long black hair, a moustache, a short beard and dark brown coat. His figure comes with Smuggler's Fort.

The picture in the infobox is actually the 2.0 Blackteeth, however impossible to tell. The 2.0 version is very similar to the old one, except for different pants and a cleaner face and shirt. He makes a good first mate for the marauders, along with Scotty Spitshine. Blackteeth died after taking a bullet for Captain Cutlass when King Midas fired at him during the battle between the Phantom and the Stormstalker.

Blackteeth shares a mold with Marcus Mutiny and Scotty Spitshine.

Blackteeth McBaine
Blackteeth McBaine




Sea Marauders

Hair Color





First Mate



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