Captain Quell
Captain Quell




Sea Marauders

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Capatain Quell is probably the least-known captain in all pyrates. He is included in a very uncommon set. He has the same mold as Cutlass and Sabrehook, except for a peg leg. He has a green trim, instead of Cutlass' blue and Sabrehook's purple.

A legendary pyrate, he was the original founder of the Sea Marauders. He was the most feared captain in the seas until the Battle Of Rummage Island, when Theodore Twosails cut off his leg. He continued captaining the unnamed Sea Marauder ship, until the first mate Sabrehook had the crew mutiny against him due to his unstable condition. They marooned Quell and Hully o' Brien, who had remained loyal to Quell. The two were rescued by a fishing boat.

They later helped Cutlass retrieve the Lord Pyrate's treasure, or a third of it, at least.

He also comes in the only set that has another captain: Captain Brine of the buccaneers.

Weapon: Crossbow

Set: Crew Collection

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