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Coffer Trap open

Coffer Trap

Coffer Trap is located in skull haven and is owned by the sea marauders

Includes: octopus, firing cannon, (actually it's a harpoon gun) a dock, an upper level, and a few figures.

Figures include:

Shifty Merchant, (twin of Topmast Tremblay) a marauder with a crossbow.

Murk Mariner, another marauder with a cutlass.

Skullforage, a skelaton with a pointy skelaton ax.

I give a 8/10, there should've been more things on the island. Just that ladder, a torch, and a rock wall dissapoint me.


In 2011, MB re-released a few sets with a few changes. This one was one of the worst. It looks almost the same, minus a few color changes.

Coffer trap 2 open

Coffer Trap 2.0

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