Crew Collection

This was designed solely for the purpose of- wait for it -giving you a crew collection! Including 9 figures, each with their own weapon. Includes 3 crews, each having (9/3) men. (HINT: 9 divided by 3 = 3!)

Interestingly, the three groups were all around in different eras: the Sea Marauders at the beginning, the Triumvirate Treason in the middle, and the Buccaneers at the end.


Captain Quell, one of three leaders of the Sea Marauders with a crossbow.

Vincent Vanjammer, a marauder with an ax.

Hully o' Brien, another marauder with a knife.

Captain Brine, one of two leaders of the Buccaneers with a black/gold crossbow.

Gary Billows, a buccaneer with a black/gold pistol.

William Blackeye, another buccaneer with a knife.

Charlie Carruthers, a privateer with a brown pistol.

Bartholemew Jackson, another privateer with a crossbow.

Stevedore Springfield, yet another privateer with a knife.


I give a 10/10 for fulfilling its purpose.

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