Davy Jones' Flying Dutchman (Flying Dutchman for short) is the ship of Captain Davy Jones, who is later inherited by Will Turner, after stabbing his heart.

There are two versions of this ship, the Dead Man's Chest version and the At World's End version

Dead Man's Chest

Incluyes two firing cannons, three crow nests, a coffer and the Davy Jones chest (the one who contains Davy Jones' heart

Davy Jones, the captain of the ship with a cutlass and a walking stick.

Palifico, one of the Flying Dutchman crewmembers with a cutlass.

Jack Sparrow, with a cutlass

Bootstrap Bill Turner, one of the Flying Dutchman crewmembers with a musket.

At World's End

Includes the same two figures of the other version (Davy Jones and Bootstrap Bill Turner) but with two new figures

Commodore Norrington, the commodore of the British Army with a pistol.

Penrod, one of the Flying Dutchman crewmembers with a cutlass.

The Flying Dutchman looks a bit like the Dread Eye's Phantom, even the pirate captains themselves, have only a normal hand and a wooden leg.

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