King Mabootu was the Leader of the Gabootos Tribe, on Pelegostos Island.

He was arch enemies with the Canibal Tribe, who fought against the Gabootos in many wars over land on the Island.

He welcomed Matthew Gallows, when he arrived on the Island (once he heard that he was hated by the Canibals), and willingly accepted the Maruaders Ocupation.

He was a peaceful King, who was admired and loved.

He fell in love with Tia Dalma, who tried to get rid of Matthew Gallows, because secretly, she was the Nymph Calypso, who wanted Mabootu to Worship her as a goddess. As Rev.Gallows was teaching Mabootu about Christianity, she saw him as a destraction from what she truely wanted. Once he found out that Calypso was trying to control him, Tia Dalma was made to leave.

This is made up by Baginman.

King Mabootu




Gabootos Tribe

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Tribal King



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