Plunderer's port open

Plunderer's Port

A skull set, Plunderer's port is another one of two not-so-common skull sets, this one being owned by the Lost Souls. It is also one of two sets with a gold-headed skelaton, one of two skull sets that has only two figures, and one of two sets that the Lost Souls own. And lastly, it is one of only three sets that even includes at least one lost soul.

Includes a firing cannon, (actually it's a harpoon gun.) treasure, a skull, a cage, and a flag with the symbol of the Lost Souls on it. This is the smallest skull cave set in 1.0.


Destreader, a Lost Soul with a cutlass.

Agememnon, a skeleton with a skeleton spear.

I give 8/10, that cage is really cool but it should've had more things on the island. (maybe a barrel, or a rock, etc.)&nbsp

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