The Battle for the Lord Pyrate's TreasureEdit

Stevedore Springfield is a Privateer with Blue Uniform, with a knife and comes in the set of Crew Collection.

He is one of the Privateers that make the Triumvirate treason, and was locked up during the betrayal, being the only member of the Triumvirate Treason to survive. His final fate is unknown.

The Treasure of PerditionEdit

Stevedore Springfield was due to be hanged after committing treason against the crown. It just so happens, Jack Sparrow was to be hanged before him. While Will and Jack had the guards attention, Stevedore snuck out, and since he was in uniform, the other guards didn't suspect him. He went to Tortuga where he ran into Cutlass, he told him about his ordeal and Cutlass welcomed him to the crew. Stevedore qucikly became weaponry master again and soon became a valuable asset. When Cutlass died, and the squall hit, he survived and travelled with Gruffery until the landed in Cutthroat's Cove, where a big suprise was waiting for them. To be continued...

By - Captain Dread

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