Captain Cutlass' Stormstalker

Captain Cutlass' Stormstalker (Stormstalker for short) is a Sea Marauder ship owned by Captain Cutlass.

It's the only remaining ship of the Marauders, after the unamed ship was sunken after the battle against the Phantom and the Predator was taken by the Buccaneers.



Includes four cloth sails, a cool "Vault of Transformation," 2 firing cannons, battle damage, and a a cage.

Figures include:

Captain Cutlass , one of three leaders of the Marauders with a cutlass,

Marcus Munity , Marauder with a crossbow,

Nicholas Nautilis, a Marauder with a black pistol,

Lockjaw, a skeleton with a skeleton spear.


in 2011 the Stormstalker was given a major redesign. She now uses the same hull and sails as the Black Pearl
Stormstalker 2

Stormstalker 2.0

, making it appear more of a galleon, than a schooner. The new hull cost it the Vault of Transformation. The new variation has red sails.

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